The Safest Yachts in the World

When ETAP Yachting began developing and producing sailing yachts in 1970, their aim was to build the safest sailing yachts in the world. Besides selecting superb materials and paying close attention to ergonomics, they felt it imperative that ETAP yachts should be unsinkable. The crews who entrusted themselves to their yachts had to be sure of a safe voyage, even if the boat took on water. The ETAP functions as it's own life raft, if flooded, it can still sail and reach port.


ETAP Yachting decided on a unique, technically refined construction method known as ETAP ship-in-ship construction. By using this method, the deck and hull are both effectively doubled and the void between the 2 structures is filled with closed cell polyurethane foam. This foam is almost entirely non-absorbant and provides bouyancy equal to the boat's displacement.
Even if the boat is open to the sea, it will retain enough freeboard to continue safely to port.
Thanks to their many years of experience, the shipwrights at ETAP Yachting's factory can now inject foam into most of the areas of a hull that that are otherwise wasted space. In doing so, they can optimize bouyancy without sacrificing any of the prime usable space so important on a sailing yacht. They have become so adept at this that some years ago. the ETAP 30i beat all competitors for the most usable space of a yacht in it's class! As an added benefit, the foam filled hull provides added insulation, both acoustically and thermally. ETAPs are some of the quietest boats around and when you cool them down or warm them up belowdecks, they stay that way!